“The Wind from the Sea” is the event space that renovated an old private house which Architectural Design Studio TOMO HOUSE runs.

The landscape of quiet cove of Kujuku-shima creates a time to feel nature’s seasons.

The event space is available to rent for various uses like exhibitions, lectures, recitals, cooking classes, temporary cafe or restaurant, rental workshop, Kimono wearing lessons, Yoga, gatherings.

〜Please fill out the following documents, send it by E-mail or FAX.〜

E-mail  info@tomohouse.jp FAX.0956-28-4590


a day
  • As a general rule, exhibitions are reserved for a day.
half day (weekday only)
morning:9:00a.m.~1:00p.m. ¥5,000
  • This is limited to workshops, etc. that last about 4 hours including cleaning.
  • In the case of the event with eating and drinking
    3,000 yen (tax-included) a day is added as the water, lighting and heating expenses. (half day…1,500 yen)
  • When it is aimed for sale
    we may have 5% – 10% of sales as a management fee.
  • In case of gatherings
    depends on the participation number of people. (tax-included)

    Number of people Fee (tax-included)
    From 1 to 10 people ¥10,000
    From 11 to 15 people ¥15,000
    From 16 to 20 people ¥20,000
    From 21 to 30 people ¥30,000
    From 31 to 40 people ¥40,000
    From 41 to 50 people ¥50,000
    More than 51 people Please ask for a price quote.
  • Simple PA system (¥5,000)
  • Projector and screen(¥5,000)
  • We prepare a wood stove, a pellet stove, an oil stove as heating of the winter.
    Wood stove
    We explain how to use the wood stove. Please use it after that.
    (¥500/One bundle of firewood)
    Oil stove
    We do not provide kerosene, please prepare it by yourself.
  • Payments must be prepaid.
  • We do not refund in the case of the cancellation of a contract by the circumstances of the user. Please be understanding of this.


  • Application for reservation
    Please fill out an application at our office after you read and understand the renting and use application form.
  • Period of service
    You can make a reservation from one day. (half day on weekday)
  • Available time
    10:00a.m~7:00p.m(The neighborhood is a residential area, we ask for your kind understanding.)
  • Cancellation
    You can cancel without paying any cancellation fee until 1 week before the reservation date. Please pay the total amount of use charges afterwards.


  • The event space is smoking cessation.
  • Guide signboard
    We set up a signboard in front of our office. If you need another signboard, please prepare by yourself.
  • Submission of data
    We put the information of event on our homepage.
    Please submit the photograph (possible direct mail) of the work, a brief career history,
    the comment for the work, any information you want to place on homepage by one month
    of the date.
  • It is located in a quiet environment. We accept only the recitals, featuring simple performances played on acoustic instruments.
  • Management of the work and event space
    Please take responsibility for management and the maintenance of the work in the event space on your own.
  • Facilities
    When you install the thing which a visitor brought, please receive permission by all means beforehand. About the damage such as a wall, a floor and appliance facilities by the user side, please pay for it.
  • Right of user
    We are not accepted firmly use in the purpose unlike the contents which you applied, transfer or sublease of the right to use.