Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in a custom design-build house. Even if you would like to build a custom design-build house in any day now or you are just researching for a suitable lot for your dream house, just inquiring in regards to financing, we will support and provide quality service. You can reach us through the inquiry page and email.


We start the design process by listening to you in regards to family structures, desired locations, budgets, needs, desired lifestyle, hobbies, favorites in music, movies, foods and many more. Even a small talk is a great resource for us to design-build a wonderful, customized living space for you and your family.

Plan Proposal

We propose a recommended location, rough estimate and schedule to meet your needs and ideas at no charge unless contracted otherwise.

Design contract

If the proposal satisfiess your needs and idea, we will move on to detail designing stage. (From here, costs will be incurred based on the contract.)

In regards to a land financing schedule

While finalizing a land, a layout design and providing a 1/100 scale model and a computer graphics perspective drawing, we finalize an estimation of the construction. Please let us hear your thoughts and ideas in regards to the finalization. If you go over your budget, we will suggest options and alternative ideas to satisfy your dream. It is the moment in which your dreams come true.

Binding a Contract Starting a construction

Once all of matters clear, including completion of the design, the plan, the estimation and the financing, we will bind the contract and will start the construction. We will perform a Jichinsai, a ground-breaking ceremony, and Jotoshiki, a roof-laying ceremony, based on your request.

Live in your new dream house

This is the start point of building a custom design house for a client. Adding the Tomo House Inc. spice to your lifestyle with family and spend a quality life at your new dream house. Not only we follow up the house after the delivery, we will offer a remodeling of the house accordingly to the family growth.